Our World-Class 

Music Instructors

Our instructors are carefully selected through a rigorous hiring strategy. We ensure that all of our instructors are professional, passionate, supportive, and patient in musical teaching.

We hand pick only 1 great heartfelt & outstanding instructor out of 30 candidates.

All students need to build a solid foundation in technical skills under the great advice of a professional instructor. Our instructors will help to modify, adapt and prepare material that is appropriate to the age, ability, and unique learning style of each student. Our teachers will make every one of your lessons rewarding.

A great music teacher can help progress your musical ability by understanding, motivating, inspiring, and encouraging student with high clarity of teaching guidance.

Our instructors make your child's learning path straight, simple, and fun!

Ruby Qualifications 


(Like a Family Doctor)

Grade 8/ ATCL/ 

8級/ 演奏級/ 音樂獎項

Diamond Qualifications 


(Like a Brain Surgeon)

Master Degree/ Bachelor Degree/ Conductor/ Orchestra Musician (Principal Leader)/ LTCL/ FTCL/ Wisdom Experienced/ International Music Awards/ Music Scholarship/ Advanced Studies Abroad/

Schools' Music Teacher 



管弦樂團音樂家 (首席)/

深造資深演奏級/ 智慧經驗/

國際音樂獎項/ 音樂獎學金/

海外深造音樂/ 音樂老師 

Prestigious Qualifications 


(Like the head of brain surgeon)

Doctor/ PhD/ Examiner Piano Instructor

音樂博士/ 考官

High Specialist For Training

On-Stage Concert Pianists


Let's have a FUN & CREATIVE way to introduce some of our passionate & outstanding instructors!

Some of Our World-Class Music Instructors

Your Personal Music Coach

If you’re not sure what a personal music instructor is like, think about a personal body trainer. They give inspiration, strength, and encouragement to help you bulk up and build up muscle.

Our world-class music instructors do the same thing, except you’re building up your music muscles to achieve confidence and affirmation.

We help you to achieve both small and large milestones. But to reach ultimate success, you have to do reverse engineer and start with small goals first and then big goals.  Celebrate your small wins and we will help you to unleash your personal growth.  The Music Cosmic Academy helps students lead healthier, happier, and more prosperous lives through music education.

Our Passionate Instructors' Teaching Approach

Our instructors are incredibly passionate. That’s why they are with the Music Cosmic Academy. 

Without their passion, it wouldn’t be the same.


Each instructor has the same streamlined approach to teaching students:

Tailor-Made Lesson with Great Guidance & Encouragement

Wow Progression & Enjoyment

Student Discipline in Practice 

Parent-Teacher Communication

By ensuring that all of these metrics are met, our students will be sure to succeed not only musically but also be able to grow personally and develop as an individual.

We will always encourage our students to be the best that they can be and always try new things. But what makes us different is that we balance what students need to know for their international official certificates, with what made them fall in love with their instrument. We streamline the curriculum with songs that students enjoy playing and even challenge them to create their music.

Our students can do this through three main aspects: our instructor's expert music knowledge, student's discipline in practice, and keeping up parent-teacher communication.

By consistently communicating with our instructors, we know how your child is benefiting during the week when they are not with their instructor. But we also start to understand your child’s needs much better to get the most impact from them.

How it Works

Step 1:  Telephone Enquiry/ Consultation (whatsapp/call 5480-0263)

You have questions; we have answers. Please whatsapp or call us for enquiries and to book an appointment for a free professional audition evaluation lesson.

We are happy to answer any of your questions.


Step 2:  Free Lesson with Consultation & Audition Evaluation (originally cost HK$1280)

After we understand your expectation, learning history, preferences, and time-slots, we will pair the students with a passionate professional instructor that best fits these goals.

Instructor will come to your home for a FREE 30-minute audition evaluation to interview your child's music standard. (This service originally is worth HK$1280).

Based on this, instructor will explain the child's current music status to parents.  Teacher will also suggest what methods can strengthen student's good skills and advice how to fix bad habits.

The instructor will create tailor-made lessons for student ensuring the child gets the maximum value from each regular lesson.

Step 3:  Your First Regular Lesson will be started

When we finally decide that you’re happy to continue, your weekly lessons will begin. It will start with one lesson per week in the same time slot.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee will be collected in the very first week of each month.

The fee will be the whole month in advance. If there are 5 lessons in a given month, the fee may increase because of this.

A Valuable Lesson You Don't Want To Miss!

(100% Free) 

FREE Audition Evaluation Lesson



(original price原價 HK$1280) 

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