Role of the Teacher

At the Music Cosmic Academy, there are 3 fundamental roles for the teacher to ensure the success of the student:

  • Tailor-made lesson with giving great guidance & efficient practice methods.  Always encourage & support students.
  • Strive to make lessons rewarding and enjoyable
  • Help students to develop good practice habits and discipline
Role of the Student

We believe that students will always be able to learn to their full potential given that they also put as much effort into practicing as the teacher does planning.

To succeed and develop life-long music skills and personal growth development, they should:

  • Practice their instrument regularly
  • Be proactive about their own learning
Role of the Parents

Parents are with their children most of the time. As such, they are hugely influential in the success of their child.

Some incredibly important strategies that we help parents to understand are:

  • Please help your child to set a fixed regular practice schedule. Emerge practice habit into his/her daily life, just like brushing teeth.
  • Reward your child for developing good practice discipline

Disciplined Practice 

With Proven Efficient Methods

Unlocking The Benefits of Personal Growth Development

All Makes Students Become HERO In the Future

The more you have disciplined practice with our proven methods, the better nutrients of music skills you absorb from our teaching. This is crucial in helping you to gain great music knowledge and personal growth development skills.


Who doesn't want to have healthy

& happy kids, and help them success in the future?

Learning music is the best and fun way to train your kids to develop 

personal growth development skills which ultimately creates 

long life time value for your children.  

We help students

to unlock Their full potential


We ensure to do our best to help students do well on their exams. Many of our students go on to gain international professional qualifications. Almost 100% of our students obtain a Merit, Distinction, and even High Distinction in their exams!

We can’t wait to help you achieve your next milestone within music!


We understand that practicing one on one or your own in a small quiet area couldn’t be further from performing publicly in arenas.

By joining all of our music journeys together to create expert relationships between students and instructors, we can create approaches to learning that enable our students to perform anywhere, regardless of audience size.

We guarantee that our students will have the most profound experience with their musical journey.


Naturally, human beings are competitive. It allows people to strive for excellence and improve their talents amongst other ambitious individuals.

The same can be said for music competitions. Therefore, we prepare our students for these highly competitive challenges that enable our students to stretch themselves and their musical ability.

By entering competitions, our students can get a feel for what it is like to perform on stage. These performances are priceless, and hold incredible value for creating lifelong lessons.

How it Works

Step 1:  Telephone Enquiry/ Consultation (whatsapp/call 5480-0263)

You have questions; we have answers. Please whatsapp or call us for enquiries and to book an appointment for a free professional audition evaluation lesson.

We are happy to answer any of your questions.


Step 2:  Free Lesson with Consultation & Audition Evaluation (originally cost HK$1280)

After we understand your expectation, learning history, preferences, and time-slots, we will pair the students with a passionate professional instructor that best fits these goals.

Instructor will come to your home for a FREE 30-minute audition evaluation to interview your child's music standard. (This service originally is worth HK$1280).

Based on this, instructor will explain the child's current music status to parents.  Teacher will also suggest what methods can strengthen student's good skills and advice how to fix bad habits.

The instructor will create tailor-made lessons for student ensuring the child gets the maximum value from each regular lesson.

Step 3:  Your First Regular Lesson will be started

When we finally decide that you’re happy to continue, your weekly lessons will begin. It will start with one lesson per week in the same time slot.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee will be collected in the very first week of each month.

The fee will be the whole month in advance. If there are 5 lessons in a given month, the fee may increase because of this.

A Valuable Lesson You Don't Want To Miss!

(100% Free) 

FREE Audition Evaluation Lesson



(original price原價 HK$1280) 

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