WOW Congratulations! This incredible achievement is almost unheard of in the music industry and is incredibly difficult to achieve. She received full marks on two of her performances and near full marks for other two pieces!  Thank you for Miss Law excellent guidance and heartfelt teaching!

WOW Congratulations! Incredible achievement born again!  The little girl almost got full marks for 3 pieces!!   Student & instructor effort finally paid off!!  High Distinction!! Proud of you!!

Congratulations!  Incredible High Distinction result!  The girl just barely passed her previous exam. After instructor passionate & patience guidance, she kept improving and became better.  Now she got a high distinction achievement!  Proud of you!

Congratulations!  Amazing High Distinction result!  The little girl only spent 7 months on exam preparation.

What a short time to achieve that wonderful milestone result!!

Congratulations to this student and her parents. This little girl could not believe she could get distinction result because she almost failed her exam before. After instructor heartfelt guidance, she got her first incredible distinction result!
Happy tears from her mum!

Congratulations! The little boy foundation was not good at the begining.  After instructor great guidance, Wow Incredible High Distinction result! Student, Parents, and instructor's efforts have been paid off!

Congratulations! This student learns piano playing with his lovely daughter.  Daddy always think it was so difficult to do both hands coordination.  After instructor's great guidance, he got distinction in his first exam! Amazing!

Congratulations!  Although the exam was so challenging, student and instructor sweaty efforts have been finally paid off!  The happiest moment is to see the great result!

Congratulations!  Student did not like to learn piano before.  After instructor's passionate & patience teaching, now he got his first high merit result!  Excellent!

Congratulations!  The very little girl is very cooperate in each lesson. First time exam with first merit! Well Done!

Congratulations to every student having Great Distinction Results! All the sudden, students just fully embrace such great Harvest enjoyment without remembering all the sweaty effort they have paid!!❤️

Congratulations!  Every student is working hard to achieve his/ her goal! Excellent! Indeed parents are much exciting their students!

Congratulations!  Another student got High Distinction again! The boy was not confident in his playing and always fear of making mistakes. After instructor guidance with positive encouragement, he got Full mark for one piece and almost full mark full for all other pieces! How touching!  Just forgot every sweaty effort he paid!

Congratulations!  Great distinction! This girl failed her sight-reading in her previous exam.  Also her scale was weak too.

After instructor great guidance, student got full mark for scale and almost full mark for mark sight-reading.  What a incredible progression!

Congratulations! The girl always felt nervous to play in front of people, especially strangers.  Miss Law knew that it would be a big challenge for her playing to a picky examiner under high pressure.  After instructor advice several methods to overcome her fear.  Gradually she got better! WOW Incredible High quality performance for all the 3 pieces with near full mark results! So proud of you!

Congratulations!  Distinction result again!  Student was very bad at playing scale even he has been learning piano for many years. After instructor advice & guidance, Full mark for scale and almost full mark for all the 3 pieces! WOW!

Congratulations!  Distinction result again! The boy sometimes didn't know why he needed to follow instructor practice methods.  He almost failed her previous exam. Now this is his very first time to get distinction!  He finally knows Miss Law advice is great & worth to follow!

Congratulations!  High Merit result! The little boy was so nervous when playing in front of the examiner, and he thought his performance was not good.  Now the evidence shows that examiner appreciates his beautiful playing! Excellent!

Congratulations!  High merit result again!  The girl was quite lazy and didn't want to practice.  After instructor encouragement with lots of patience, the little girl gradually change her practice habit with good improvement.  Wow her great merit result! Proud of you!

Congratulations! Great merit result! The boy was actually a transferred student and almost wanted to give up piano because he didn't like his previous teacher.  After instructor passionate teaching, he started to like piano again, and now he got his first merit result! Excellent!

Congratulations! Merit result! The girl's music foundation was not good before and just kept making same mistakes. After instructor guidance on how to practice efficiently, she gradually improved and became better. Wow! She got her first merit exam result.
Great job!

Congratulations!  Merit result!  The little boy didn't like to learn piano at the beginning.  His mum wanted him to learn piano playing.  It was not easy to teach him.  After instructor passionate teaching with good proven methods, the boy gradually enjoy playing piano, and now he got his merit result! Well done!


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