Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes the Music Cosmic Academy stand out?

1  Our World Class Music Instructors Help You To Gain Great Exam Results

Our high professional instructors have strong passion to help students excel in exams and get great results through our proven teaching methods.  Please check our testimonials for seeing students' excellent exam results in the website.

2  Tailor-Made Lessons

Our heartfelt & supportive instructors will modify, adapt and prepare material that is appropriate to the age, ability, and unique learning style of each student. Our teachers will make every one of your lessons rewarding.

3  Personal Growth Development

Our lessons also help students to improve their personal growth development skills, helping them unleash power within and lead them to live a healthier, happier and more prosperous life.  It's priceless!

4  Great Progression

Clear guidance, passionate teaching, and positive encouragement are our ways of helping students progress in the world of music.  We create our lessons fun, interesting, and rewarding to keep students interested and motivated.

5  Enhance Self-Confidence and Skills

We give students the opportunity to perform in public, join ensembles, and enter competitions that increase self-esteem, public performance skills, and also hold incredible value for creating lifelong lessons.

6  Convenience

Learn at home where you know your child is safe & understand what is happening in each lesson without the headache of travelling.  Pay for 1 hour when our instructors spend 3 hours on each student including travel.


We aim at creating Transformational & Result-Driven Value to all of our students.

With the Music Cosmic Academy, the value of the lessons outweighs any expense as they always have great results.

For our Ruby Plan:

We guarantee you can pass your exam, otherwise we help you to pay the tuition fee until you have passed the exam!

For our Diamond Plan:

We guarantee you can get at least merit exam result, otherwise we help you to pay the tuition fee until you got merit result!

Exam result & progression guarantee is limited space for the first 100 students only.  Due to the high demand on what we are offering, seats are going fast!  So you must act fast before that irresistible offer goes away forever!


We are here to give you HEARTFELT & PASSIONATE music teaching

1  Good exam result always is a team work (Teacher, Student, & Parents).  Only instructor one-side effort is not enough.  Good strategy implementation and disciplined practice are super essential.  

2  Student needs to follow our instructor all teaching guidance, practice advice and methods.  For example, how much time needs to practice per time & how many days need to practice per week.

3  We kindly ask parents to help their child to set a fixed practice routine with good concentration time period.  Do the best to emerge your child practice habit into his/ her daily life, just like brushing teeth.

4  We only guarantee students who did ALL FOLLOW our instructor guidance and practice advice.  If we keep encouraging, supporting, & motivating students practice habit over a long period of time, and student still cannot meet the very minimum practice requirement (minimum practice requirement depends on what exam grade & instrument you aim for), we will give the first and then second warning that the target is far away from achievable.  If the situation is still not improved, sorry we CANNOT give exam result guarantee.  There is NO MAGIC HAPPENED IF NO EFFORT TO PAY!

5  When closely approaching to the exam (the next 4 months are critical periods), student must have make up lessons if skipped classes regardless of the vacation exception.  Student should have 1 hour lesson per week and 4 lessons per month in order to keep good, steady, and efficient progression without falling behind and developing bad habits.  If parents cannot arrange make up lessons when exam is shortly approaching, sorry we cannot give exam guarantee.

6  For young kids with 0 or little music background, the first minimum 4 months are very crucial for them to build up good music foundation. Regular 1 lesson per week and 4 lessons per month are extremely essential for their little music roots standing healthily; otherwise it totally ruins their roots for smooth growing in the future.  It sure will waste so much time to clean up all the difficult mess later.  Win the beginning; Win the future.  Make up lessons should be arranged if skipped lessons in order to keep steady progressions, otherwise the exam time frame needs to be extended.

7  Exam guarantee is only applied on ABRSM Performance Grades Exam (remote exam).

8  If student suddenly changes the original time frame for having early exam, we need to re-evaluate the target & time frame and change them accordingly.

9  Exam result guarantee is only applied on 1 hour per lesson (never 30 mins and 45 mins per lesson)


We try to understand all of our students including their music goals, learning history, and expectations, whether it be enjoyment or qualifications.  When we understand their goals and what they want, we will pair the students with a passionate professional instructor that best fits these goals.

Once we have done that, we will send the parents the evidence and qualifications of our music instructors including a video of our teacher's outstanding performance.


Unlike other music studios that crazily chase for those vacation make-up lessons, we never chase back any.

If your vacation is more than 4 weeks, we kindly ask you to prepay the next month's tuition fee for the reservation of our instructor's time slots.  The tuition fee will be paid fully for the coming month's lessons.  No refund is available.

For keeping great progression without wasting previous effort, we highly suggest student has at least 2 online lessons per month with the teacher.  In this way, student doesn't need to use heavy extra time to catch up technical skills, muscle agility, and body hand coordination after vacations.


After the pandemic forced everyone inside, we refused to stop educating children.

All of our music instructors are fully vaccinated, making home visits safe for everyone!  

For face to face lessons, our instructors will do the following:

1  Do Covid Rapid Test and then send the photo of negative (healthy) result to the parents before teaching students every time.  

2  Wear mask with 3 layers protection (BFE, PFE, VFE) 

Whilst we weren’t able to go face-to-face we certainly were able to shift online and use video conferencing platforms to continue lessons with our instructors.  

We aim never to let a student miss a session. We want them to be practicing the right things as much as possible. That’s why we will always work with the parents to ensure that their child gets the session that they need.


Absolutely yes! We welcome all ages and levels of students to join the amazing musical journey with us!

How it Works

Step 1:  Telephone Enquiry/ Consultation (whatsapp/call 5480-0263)

You have questions; we have answers. Please whatsapp or call us for enquiries and to book an appointment for a free professional audition evaluation lesson.

We are happy to answer any of your questions.


Step 2:  Free Lesson with Consultation & Audition Evaluation (originally cost HK$1280)

After we understand your expectation, learning history, preferences, and time-slots, we will pair the students with a passionate professional instructor that best fits these goals.

Instructor will come to your home for a FREE 30-minute audition evaluation to interview your child's music standard. (This service originally is worth HK$1280).

Based on this, instructor will explain the child's current music status to parents.  Teacher will also suggest what methods can strengthen student's good skills and advice how to fix bad habits.

The instructor will create tailor-made lessons for student ensuring the child gets the maximum value from each regular lesson.

Step 3:  Your First Regular Lesson will be started

When we finally decide that you’re happy to continue, your weekly lessons will begin. It will start with one lesson per week in the same time slot.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee will be collected in the very first week of each month.

The fee will be the whole month in advance. If there are 5 lessons in a given month, the fee may increase because of this.

A Valuable Lesson You Don't Want To Miss!

(100% Free) 

FREE Audition Evaluation Lesson



(original price原價 HK$1280) 

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