LIFE TIME Guarantee

Risk free

Exam Result & Progression Guarantee

We guarantee you can have good exam result (for students aim at exams) and progression (for students aim at improvement without planning exams); otherwise we will help you to pay the tuition fee until you got the result that we promised.  This is limited space for the first 100 students only.  Due to the high demand on what we are offering, seats are going fast!  So you must act fast before that irresistible offer goes away forever!

Why we offer this irresistible offer guarantee?

We saw so many students are suffering from poor exam results & stagnation after invested lots of precious time, money, and energy with some music studios and private teachers.  We want you to experience what is true music education and gain back the great result that you deserve.  Let's start your amazing music journey with our heartfelt education today!

Music Education Investment

With the Music Cosmic Academy

your child will gain:

  • We create transformational and result-driven value to students.  Save you lots of precious time & resources!
  • Our world class & passionate instructors help you to gain good exam results & international qualifications.  Your child will gain great competitive advantages and value than others in the future.
  • We balance what students need to know for their official certificates, with what made them fall in love with their instrument
  • Enhance personal growth development that brings lifetime value
  • Innovation and creativity skills are crucial for modern entrepreneurs and employees
  •  Boost self-confidence through exams, competitions, ensembles and public performances
  • A healthier, happier, and more prosperous life

Our Great Future Leaders in the Making

We Have 3 Plans

Ruby Plan: 

Good Nutrients for Students (Instructor like a family doctor)

We guarantee you at least can pass your exam, otherwise we help you to pay the tuition fee until you have passed the exam

Diamond Plan: 

Excellent Nutrients for Students (Instructor like a brain surgeon)

We guarantee you at least can get merit exam result, otherwise we help you to pay the tuition fee until you got merit result

Prestigious Plan: 

High Specialist For Training Concert Pianist

(Instructor like the head of brain surgeon)

What's make us difference from 

other individual private teachers? 

Whats make us difference from

other music academies? 

How it Works

Step 1:  Telephone Enquiry/ Consultation (whatsapp/call 5480-0263)

You have questions; we have answers. Please whatsapp or call us for enquiries and to book an appointment for a free professional audition evaluation lesson.

We are happy to answer any of your questions.


Step 2:  Free Lesson with Consultation & Audition Evaluation (originally cost HK$1280)

After we understand your expectation, learning history, preferences, and time-slots, we will pair the students with a passionate professional instructor that best fits these goals.

Instructor will come to your home for a FREE 30-minute audition evaluation to interview your child's music standard. (This service originally is worth HK$1280).

Based on this, instructor will explain the child's current music status to parents.  Teacher will also suggest what methods can strengthen student's good skills and advice how to fix bad habits.

The instructor will create tailor-made lessons for student ensuring the child gets the maximum value from each regular lesson.

Step 3:  Your First Regular Lesson will be started

When we finally decide that you’re happy to continue, your weekly lessons will begin. It will start with one lesson per week in the same time slot.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee will be collected in the very first week of each month.

The fee will be the whole month in advance. If there are 5 lessons in a given month, the fee may increase because of this.

A Valuable Lesson You Don't Want To Miss!

(100% Free) 

FREE Audition Evaluation Lesson



(original price原價 HK$1280) 

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