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Music Cosmic Academy offers exclusive EXAM RESULT GUARANTEE!
Our World-Class Instructors will lead your child to have a WOW Music Transformation!

Our Story

Ten years ago, on a beautifully sunny afternoon, two 5-year-old boys were learning to play the piano. They were incredibly passionate and loved to learn by each other’s side. Both boys were average music students and loved to have fun; their mothers were filled with pride for their children's future.

Time went on and the boys lost touch. That was until 10 years later at their school's 10-year reunion. They were so excited to see one another and catch up all the years that they hadn’t seen each other. Whilst both boys were still very similar studying at the same school, had great health and were academically gifted, there was one difference that separated the boys.

One was still struggling with the elementary levels of piano playing. The other had gone on to become his school’s orchestra Conductor and Pianist.

What in their lives had made this difference so apparent, when their upbringing was incredibly similar?

This story plays in my mind daily. It is the reason that I started the Music Cosmic Academy. The difference between these two boys is what they’ve learned and how they’ve made use of that knowledge.

At the Music Cosmic Academy, we give our students an expert musical education that provides knowledge that is worth a lifetime.

As a parent, do any these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

  • Are you tired of constantly asking your child to practice their instrument?
  • Do you want to bring out your child interest, motivation, and enjoyment in music learning?
  • Do you want to enhance your kid's self-confidence, discipline, determination, focus, and patience through music education?
  • Do you want Exam Result Guarantee and help your child excel in his/ her music exams?
  • Do you want your child join public performances to have different life experience?
  • Do you want your child has good solid music foundation (eg note reading & rhythm, etc) and be able to play unlimited favorite songs that they want?
  • Did your child get stuck at an unpleasant stage without any progression with your current tutor, and you afraid your child is missing out on the golden age of learning?
  • Do you want your child keeps learning music without giving up, especially already invested many years of learning?
  • Do you want to find a great passionate and professional instructor to teach your child?
  • Did your current academy crazily chase back vacation make-up lessons?

Science tells you all 

Hidden Treasure in music

How We Become Parents' No. 1 Choice?

⭐️We Are The Only Academy offering Guaranteed Exam Results  

⭐️Passionate & Outstanding Instructors with World-Class Qualifications

⭐️Maximize Personal Growth Development

⭐️ We Are The Only 

Academy Offering

Guaranteed Exam Results

⭐️ Passionate & Outstanding Instructors With World-Class Qualifications
⭐️Maximize Personal Growth Development

Many researches & studies proved that music playing

brings incredible benefits

to child brain &

personal growth development,


And those amazing benefits will be condensed, internalized, and shine inside your child forever...

...Exactly Like a Precious "DIAMOND"!!

Our Personal Growth Development Model:

Three Diamond Hills

Your First Diamond Hill

By having a great passionate instructor with a unique teaching style and providing student practice with tested methods, students will be able to improve musically, whilst gaining personal growth development skills along the way.

Some of the skills you can expect to develop include:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Perseverance
  • Independence
  • Patience

By helping to develop these skills, students at the Music Cosmic Academy are able to become successful in their music journeys looking forward to prosperous futures.

Your Second Diamond Hill

By having students committed to learning music, and contributing to disciplined and structured practice, they are able to strengthen those brain functions that can be transferred between all types of activities

Students will find themselves natural benefiting whilst they strive to improve through practice and dedication to learning, gaining huge advantages in music education including:

  • Boosted brain power & global brain efficiency
  • Stimulated intelligence & memory capability
  • Enhanced creativity, innovation, & imagination
  • Great sense of achievement
  • Benefit hormones & blood pressure
  • Improved body & mind coordination

All of these skills are essential for helping students grow academically, musically, emotionally, and socially – increasing their sense of well-being.

Your Third Diamond Hill

When our students start to progress on their music journey, they often find that they have other benefits as a result.

Ultimately, music education will lead you to a healthier, happier, and wealthier life. Only music can activate your brain in all areas simultaneously.

This value is caused by life-long learning that enables students to become better people and enjoy their lives more as a result.

All of these skills are essential for helping students grow academically, musically, emotionally, and socially – increasing their sense of well-being.

True Music Learning

The more variety in the music that you play, the more you can access an abundance of hidden treasures within music.

It isn’t simply just playing an instrument, but in fact, it unlocks a whole world full of creativity and innovation.

But in order to access these incredible beauties that music offers; you must practice regularly with tested methods and get inspirations & guidance from a great instructor.  By doing this, you’ll be able to achieve your music goals quicker and develop your personal growth skills faster.  This allows you to unleash the power within and lead you to live a healthier, happier and more prosperous life.

It's priceless!

How it Works

Step 1:  Telephone Enquiry/ Consultation (whatsapp/call 5480-0263)

You have questions; we have answers.  Please whatsapp or call us for enquiries and to book an appointment for a free professional audition evaluation lesson.

We are happy to answer any of your questions.


Step 2:  Free Lesson with Consultation & Audition Evaluation (originally cost HK$1280)

After we understand your expectation, learning history, preferences, and time-slots, we will pair the students with a passionate professional instructor that best fits these goals.

Instructor will come to your home for a FREE 30-minute audition evaluation to interview your child's music standard. (This service originally is worth HK$1280).

Based on this, instructor will explain the child's current music status to parents. Teacher will also suggest what methods can strengthen student's good skills and advice how to fix bad habits.

The instructor will create tailor-made lessons for student ensuring the child gets the maximum value from each regular lesson.

Step 3:  Your First Regular Lesson will be started

When we finally decide that you’re happy to continue, your weekly lessons will begin. It will start with one lesson per week in the same time slot.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee will be collected in the very first week of each month.

The fee will be the whole month in advance. If there are 5 lessons in a given month, the fee may increase because of this.

A Valuable Lesson You Don't Want To Miss!

(100% Free) 

FREE Audition Evaluation Lesson



(original price原價 HK$1280) 

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