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ABRSM Performance Grades Exam英國皇家音樂學院考試


 ABRSM Online Exam錄影考試和考試報名2021精華必看,不私藏, 理想成績錦囊大公開!

ABRSM Performance Grades Exam英國皇家音樂學院考試


 ABRSM Online Exam錄影考試和考試報名2021精華必看,不私藏, 理想成績錦囊大公開!

ABRSM Performance Grades Exam英國皇家音樂學院考試


 ABRSM Online Exam錄影考試和考試報名2021精華必看,不私藏, 理想成績錦囊大公開!

Music Nutrient

From different perspectives to absorb music vitamin

Vitamin A

Let’s Discover What                             Scientific Research Said                     

Vitamin B

Let’s Discover What                  Psychological Research Said 

Vitamin C

Let’s Discover What History Said

Vitamin D

Let’s Discover What My Well Experience Said

Scientific research perspective

Science always have great prove for cause-effect consequence.  Scientific statements are based on reliable researches and information.   I particularly love to see those data related to music researches in which i always find profound inspiration and surprise that how music affects our bodies internally and externally.  In my blog sharing, I would like to give music insight from science perspective, and I really hope you enjoy my music readings.

Psychology research perspective

I always feel interesting and fun to read psychology researches showing how mind and body connect to each other.  Unlike science, psychology is almost impossible to prove the psychological statement 100% correct.  No doubt, music sure affects our emotions, personality, and mental health.   In my blog sharing, I love to use psychology angle to analyze how music immensely affect our state of mind.

History perspective

We have so many Big Music Heroes in human history. From classical music to jazz and pop,  Beethoven, George Gershein, Michael Jackson and many more are all have giant contribution to our music world.  Their music talent are just timeless.  In my blog sharing, I am going to see how these viroturses left somehting for us to learn.

My well experience perspective

I have been teaching piano for very long time where i saw many types of students including Asian and Western countries.  They are all have different reasons to learn music and have various abilities to play music.  I would like to share my well experience in blog and let you know some of my interesting stories.

There is no substitude

for effort.  

You have to always pay up to your full potential in every endeavour”

Miss Law (Dawn)

Piano playing is life magical moment happened when my hand pulse is breathing together with music.  It is symbolic as free expressions, crazy dreams, unlimited opportunities and shining hope.  Every single touch tells the story of my thinking & feeling consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously.  I just let music naturally lead and inspire my way to play.  Music indeed endlessly unleashes my imagination and creativity.  

I believe everyone is benefit from music playing with different degrees of accomplishment.  No matter you are talented or not talented, young or old, and single or married, music definitely has positive impact on your physical, psychological, and mental health.  

I always love kids because their boundless & funny imaginations can refresh and inspire mine.  Plus, they always give me great laugh!  Children are the best period to learn music because of their flexible muscle and sponge brain.  It is also a great time to develop great foundation of discipline, focus, patience, independent, and creativity by music learning.  All the above skill has profound impact on their personal growth development.  Children indeed are our future!

My Chemistry with Music


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