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Your Best Piano Accompanist

Gives You Flying Wings On Your Performance

Music Exams
Music Competitions
Music Performances

Looking for a Passionate & Outstanding Piano Accompanist? 

Our professional & well experienced accompanists sure are your great companion for your Music Exams, Competitions, and Public Performances.  We are helping more than 95%+ and 90%+ of our students for the above music occasions.  If you need our help, we are more than happy to introduce our Flying Fingers to you! 

Piano Accompaniment Services

Our Mission

Every successful performance no doubt requires tons of practices, lots of tears and so much preparations.  We deeply understand your full effort behind the scene, so we want to value your performance as much as you do.  Our outstanding accompanists sure give you flying wings to lift up your performance to the perfection level. 

Together we present the BEST ART to you audience in front of the scene!

Let's Meet Our High Professional Piano Accompanists

 We have 3 levels of accompanist qualifications

(Premium Qualifications)

Grade 8 Piano & Grade 8 Music Theory Level 八級資歷

  • ABRSM UK Piano Grade 8
  • ABRSM UK Music Theory Grade 8
  • Experienced Piano Accompanist

(Diamond Qualifications)

ATCL/ LTCL/ Bachelor Degree/ Music Awards/ Orchestra Musician

資深演奏級/ 音樂學位/ 國際獎項/ 管弦樂團音樂家

  • LTCL UK (High Distinction 95 marks)
  • ARCT Music Diploma & Graduate in Piano (Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada)
  • Grade 8 Music Theory
  • Markham Wesley Orchestra Canada (Assistance Conductor, Lead Violin Player)
  • Gold Medal Winners-Clarinet (Ontario Band Association Canada)
  • Professional Piano Accompanist

(Prestigious Qualifications)

Master Degree/ Conductor/ Examiner/ Music Awards/ Orchestra Musician

碩士音樂學位/ 指揮家/ 考官/ 國際獎項/ 管弦樂團音樂家

  • Master's Degree in Musicology 
  • Bachelor Degree in Piano, Music 
  • Advanced Professional Diploma of Music
  • Grade 8 Music Theory
  • Grade 8 Saxophone
  • Chopin Class HK Region (1st Prize)
  • Poulenc Class HK Region (1st Prize)
  • Bach Class 14th Hong Kong Asia Piano Open Competition (Honor Award)
  • Poulenc Class Asia Region (2nd Prize)
  • Asia International Piano Academy & Festival with Competition in Korea (2nd Prize)
  • American Protégé International Piano & String Competition (2nd Prize)
  • Chopin Nocturne Class (5th Prize)
  • The 4th Singapore Performers’ Festival (Silver)
  •  Kuala Lumpur Piano Festival Regional Round Malaysian Piano Competition (Bronze Award)
  • High Professional Piano Accompanist

Our High Professional Piano Accompanists are happy to help your important music occasions:

Music Exams

We are your best piano accompanist for different instruments in music exams including violin, viola, cello, flute, and clarinet, etc.  We are the best music companion for the highest achievement on your exams.

Music Competitions

Various local and International recognized music competitions offer great opportunities for students take challenges and achievement to the next new level. Our awesome and well-experienced accompanists are happy to help you to win your trophy that you deserved.

Music Performances

Let's our music passion lights up your special moments.  We create excellent value on your wedding, birthday party, annual dinner, public performance, and funeral for your love one.  We highly value your precious life experience as much as you do.  Sweet, gorgeous, joyful, and memorial music really uplift the emotions of every human being.  We are happy to help you set the greatest music programme to resonate your significant moment!

We Do The Best For You

Along the performance journey, let's THRIVE together! 


Home Practice & Rehearsal

Before your actual on-stage performance, we need to do several times of rehearsals either at home or practice room outside.  How many times of rehearsals really depend on your needs and requests.  Steady, secure, and great playing always requires more rehearsal times.


Actual Venue Rehearsal

After home rehearsals, we can do the playing practice at the actual venue if you want to.  We strongly encourage do the performance rehearsal on the real stage environment because different background settings, piano qualities, and the level of lighting will have significant effects on the perfection of actual performance.  


Real Performance under the spotlight

Let's perform the BEST on your big day.  Lets enjoy to share your lovely and touching music to your audience.  Together we show the perfection fine art to the world!


Thank you for your beautiful wedding music on our big sweet day! Love! XXX

Ka ka li

Thanks for practice hard with me for my grade 8 flute exam.  I m sooo happy to get my first distinction result! Cool!

Tommy fung

Although my daughter made few mistakes on her exam, your skillful piano playing actually saved her from lot of trouble.  Luckily she still got 130 distinction for her

video exam!


Such lovely romantic music on my wedding day! so Touching! THANK YOU

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