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Whatsapp/Call 5480-0263




(More than 98% of our music instructors have received

covid vaccinations! 



Almost all of our students got


HIGH DISTINCTION exam results!


Your joyful & successful learning with nice progression are our biggest goals & rewards in teaching!


We promise we do our BEST to

ADD VALUE into your music life!

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We Send Our Professional Music Instructors For Your Home Teaching

(We have 2 levels of music teacher qualifications)

We select our professional music instructors strictly and thoughtfully for you.  There is only 1 great teacher out of 20 candidates in our many levels of serious selections.  We sincerely feel obligated to make sure our instructors all professional, passionate, patience, and supportive in music teaching.  

Great music teacher can help your music learning with very good progression, understanding, and inspirations without wasting unnecessary time.  It is extremely crucial for beginners to build a very good solid foundation in technical skill under the guidance of a professional tutor.  Our instructors will modify, adopt and prepare material that is appropriate to the age, ability, and unique learning style of each individual student.  Our teachers sure will make every of your lesson rewarding.

The founder Dawn Law (Miss Law 羅老師) has been teaching piano for 15 years including Asian and Western countries.  She definitely has profound experience and knowledge to inspire her own teacher teams and deliver the best teaching qualities to students with different backgrounds.  Miss Law always think the very first music teacher is tremendously essential for every new learner because bad habits are so difficult to be removed which indeed takes so much time & effort to rebuild a good one.  

We specialize in hand-pick a great music instructor for you and save your valuable precious time with distinguished music improvement!!

Diamond Qualifications 


Bachelor Degree/ ATCL/ 

Orchestra Musician/

Music Awards

音樂學位/ 演奏級/

管弦樂團音樂家/ 音樂獎項 

  • Bachelor of Music (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Bachelor of Music Composition
  • Grade 8 Music Theory
  • Erthu二胡 Grade 10 with Distinction (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
  • 1st Place Gaohu Solo高胡 (HK Schools Music Festival)
  • 1st Place (Solo & Duet Violin) HK Schools Music Festival
  • John Solomon Competition (Brass Prize)
  • Brass Concerto in Hong Kong Schools of Music Festival (Tom Lee Music Prize)
  • Parsons Music Scholarship for Wind & Brass & Percussion Instruments

Prestigious Qualifications


Examiner/ Master Degree/ Conductor/ Orchestra Musician (principal leader)/ LTCL/ FTCL/ Wisdom Experienced/ International Music Awards/ Music Scholarship/ Advanced Studies Abroad/

Schools' Music Teacher 

考官/ 碩士音樂學位/ 指揮家/

管弦樂團音樂家 (首席)/

深造資深演奏級/ 智慧經驗/

國際音樂獎項/ 音樂獎學金/

海外深造音樂/ 音樂老師 

  • Master's Degree in Musicology (University of London)
  • Master's Degree (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Master's Degree  (Full Scholarship)
  • Master of Music (Conservatorium Maastricht)
  • Full Scholarship & Awarded Artist Diploma (Cincinnati Conservatory of Music USA)
  • Music Theory Expert
  • Perfect Pitch 
  • Royal Conservatory of Music Canada (Second Conductor)
  • Toronto Orchestra (Second Conductor)
  • Principal Horn (London Street Orchestra & Jersey Chamber Orchestra)
  • Tutti position (Chicago Civic Symphony Orchestra)
  • First Violin Tutti (Gusuav Mahler Orchestra)
  • Scarborough Chinese Baptist Chamber Orchestra Canada (Assistance Conductor, Lead Violin Player)
  • First runner up (Wales Llangollen International Music Festival)
  • Awarded the Christopher Horn Trust
  • LTCL UK (High Distinction 95 marks)
  • Gold Medal Winners-Clarinet (Ontario Band Association Canada)
  • Parson Music Scholarship for Wind & Brass & Percussion Instruments
  • ARCT Music Diploma & Graduate in Piano (Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada)
  • Advanced Professional Diploma of Music
  • Member of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher Association (Toronto, ON)
  • Markham Wesley Orchestra Canada (Assistance Conductor, Lead Violin Player)
  • Scarborough Chinese Baptist Chamber Orchestra Canada (Lead Cello Player)
  • Ontario Registered Music Teacher Association Canada 
  • Chicago Civic Symphony Orchestra-Tutti Position

Very High Distinction超高優級鋼琴考試成績, 是十分難取得的, 還有2首歌取得滿分, 更加難上加難!! 超級恭喜這位學生的高水評考試演奏

Very High Distinction result is born! This is extremely difficult to get that amazing result expecially Full Mark on 2 pieces! Congratulation to Zoe for having that marvelous performance and achievement!

High Distinction!!!! 高優級考試成績, 又再次誕生了! 學生比起爸媽還更加開心雀躍, 因為她從前鋼琴考試差點不合格. 後來經羅老師指導後, 她第一次拿得很高考試分數!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

High Distinction result is born again!! The student is actually much happier & exciting than her parents because her previous exam was almost failed. After Miss Law guidance, she finally tastes the very first time of getting fantastic achievement!!

再有學生拿High Distinction高優級分數🎖🎖🎖!學生由學習考試曲目到做真正錄影考試演奏, 頭尾只用佐7個月時間, 便能獲得如此好成績, 真的恭喜晒!!

Congratulations to the student who just got her first High Distinction!! She only spent 7 months for the exam preparation. What a short time to achieve that wonderful milestone result!!

🎖🎖🎖學生和家長都很開️心, 尤其是第一次拿優級分數的小女孩, 她好像不相信自己竟然可以拿取優等成績! ❤️

Congratulations to the student and parents!! The little girl seems not believes she finally got her first Distinction!!

恭喜晒!! 豐收時總會頓然忘記了之前所付出的淚與汗🎖🎖🎖🎖

Congratulations to every student having Great Distinction Results! All the sudden, students just fully embrace such great Harvest enjoyment without remembering all the sweaty effort they have paid!!❤️

❤️高優級考試成績, 又再次誕生了! 😀😀😀😀

Congratulations to all of my hardworking students!! 

Parents Pain Points


Other Music Studios

Music Cosmic Academy

Feedback To Parents

Rarely/ not regularly report to parents on student's learning situation

We sure regularly give valuable feedback/ comments to parents on student's progression

After Vacations

Crazily ask parents to chase back those vacation make up lessons

No, we don't chase back those vacation make up lessons!!

Teachers Are All High Professional & Passionate In Teaching

Not Sure

100% Guarantee

Nice Progressions

Not sure

We surely help our students with good progressions without wasting unnecessary time



Our great quality music teachers are happy to offer you various music lessons including Western and Chinese Instruments. They are very high professional experts, orchestra musicians, and music competitions' winners, etc. For the most important, they are all HEARTFELT music instructors who use their full loving passions to teach you in encouraging and inspirational ways.


We sure will send and help our students to do their Best in their music exams and gain international professional qualifications.  Almost 100% of our students got Merit, Distinction, and even High Distinction in their exam results! We sure can help you to have great achievement and next awesome milestone in music!!


Your successful and joyful learning is our goal in teaching!  We believe progression and enjoyment are the essential ingredients for sustainable growth in music learning.  Let music brighten and enrich your life in cheerful ways!



We arrange master class for our students to participate and enjoy.  Students play and share their music in a small group basis in which they can gain inspirations and energy from listening to other performances.  It also is a great opportunity for their exam and competition rehearsals in a public setting. 


Practicing alone at a small room and performing publicly in a large area are totally different learning approaches.   Let's join our exciting music adventures together and share your amusing music to the world.  We sure students will have profound experience in their music journey.


Competition offers students great condition to strive for excellence & perfection for their music talents among all other ambitious musicians.  This high competitive challenges really can stretch one's music muscle to the next significant level.  Prominent stage performance is indeed priceless and life worthy experience!

Our Approaches of Teaching


Sustainable practice is not easy for every students, especially young kids. It indeed is painpoint for most parents who are constantly struggling to force their kids to practice. We proudly present our Practice Reward Scheme which is well designed for encouraging students to independently practice their instruments everyday. No more bargaining and negotiation.  

Technical Skill

Good technical skill is very essential for music students, especially beginners. Solid skill foundation not only gives advantages for their gradual music progressions, but it is also important for their advanced music development in the future. No pain No gain. Students need to put effort & practice in order to gain the achievement.


We believe joyful and cheerful learning experience can accelerate the progression and improve the sustainability in music learning. We not only teach students classical music which gives them phenomenon music skills & knowledge, but also pop music which acts as extra interesting flavor to their musical taste and range.  Music sharing also plays a magic role in enhancing happy music learning.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent, teacher, and student are in a correlated triangle relationship. Everyone plays a crucial role to contribute successful and delightful music learning experience. Our instructors will sure do their best to well nurture your kids with positive encouragement. Teachers also give you valuable feedback & comments after each lesson.  Let's work together to create good learning vibe for your children.

What Nutrients You'll absorb from our teaching 


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."  “Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere.” (Albert Einstein)  We encourage students add creativity thinking in their playing and always search for innovation with open minded.


Music practice, learning, and playing definitely can train up student's concentration.  High focus skill indeed helps student's personal growth and development to the next remarkable level. Maintain good practice routine surely can develop good habit in discipline.  We positively encourage students to stay in focus and keep discipline to achieve their goals & dreams.

Vitamin C:  PATIENCE 

Patience plays an essential element in music learning. We help students to prolong their patience span. Children is a good period to train up and extend their scope of patience.  Starting from 4 days practice with 15 minutes each time for beginners.  Step by step, students will gradually extend their practice time and put practice habit into their daily lives, just like teeth brushing everyday.


Practice alone with one's instrument is part of music learning life.  Our teachers encourage students to strengthen their independent character, especially young children. For being orchestra or ensemble player, great team work is extremely crucial for the whole group performance.  We offer various chances for students to play with different instruments and experience the importance of team work spirit.

Thank You Notes and Gifts from Parents & Students

How it Works

Step 1:  Telephone Enquiry/ Consultation (whatsapp/call 5480-0263)

You have questions; we have answers. Please kindly whatsapp or call us for enquiry.  We are happy to answer your questions. 

Step 2:  Free Trial Lesson

After well knowing your requirement, preference, and time, we will arrange a great music instructor to come to your home and give you a Free Trial Lesson.

Step 3:  Your First Regular Lesson will be started

If everything is ok, your first regular lesson will be started. It will be 1 lesson per week and 4 or 5 lessons per month in a steady time slot.

Step 4: Tuition fee/ Month

Tuition fee will be collected in the very first week of each month which means tuition fee X 4= total fee.   If there are 5 weeks in a month, please kindly times the tuition fee with 5.  Thank you very much. 


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